The Complete Seminar Handbook for Financial Advisors: Lessons Learned from Over 1 Million Events

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The More Successful Your Financial Seminars, The More Prospects You Can Convert into Clients.

Are you ready to improve your conversion rates? Increase revenue? Close more business? Then whether you’ve never hosted an educational seminar or you’re an experienced speaker, our FREE Seminar Handbook is a must-have. Utilizing close to 30 years of marketing experience, this handbook will walk you through all aspects of your event, including planning, presentation, and follow-up recommendations. If you want to see increased responses and sign more prospects, this is the handbook you’ve been looking for.

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-Why personalization is a must
-The value of utilizing a high-quality marketing list
-How to build trust and rapport with your audience
-Why it’s important to follow up with every attendee – fast

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Why personalization is a must