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Finally, Access to Two Unique, Truly Turnkey Educational Workshop Solutions.

A major challenge for financial advisors is establishing trust and credibility, but we have the solution your business needs. Boost your sales by becoming a trusted educator and industry leader in your area through one of our TWO educational workshop solutions.

With LeadingResponse, you get to choose which educational workshop approach best fits you and your business. The choices are:

Non-Profit Educational Workshops:

Financial advisors have the ability to choose from a variety of topics that they would like to present. The best part: all content has been created. Advisors just need to pick their topic, schedule their dates, and book at the venue. This approach requires that the advisor operates under AFEA (American Financial Education Alliance) brand and the non-profit process.

Direct Financial Education Workshops:

Financial advisors have the ability to offer a two-day consumer-focused retirement course. We recommend that you hold the workshop at a local university or community college, the 5-hour course curriculum is broken into two evening sessions, allowing you ample time to educate and build the confidence prospects need to engage for financial guidance afterward.

Ready to become a trusted instructor, meet more consumers, amplify your credibility, and take advantage of plug-and-play presentations and material? Let’s get started.